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Gevenalle has been reworking TRP brake levers to accommodate their add-on friction-shifters, giving cyclocross and adventure riders an inexpensive, durable option for bikes that see a lot of abuse. Now, they’re converting the single-speed-specific TRP Hylexhydraulic disc brake levers to work with their shifters, too.

The conversion kit runs from 9 to 9 depending on what you need. They offer kits for all of their existing shifting options, from 8-speed Alfine to 10- and 11-speed road to 10- and 11-speed Dynasys mountain bike shifting. Just pick the derailleur system you’re using, and get the right shifter for that. If you’re running a front derailleur, they have options for 2x and 3x chainring setups.

trp hylex conversion kit to add shifting levers from gevenalle

The system comes with their crash replacement guarantee, where they’ll rebuild or replace them for per side. And you can upgrade them from 10- to 11-speed should you update your drivetrain in the future. Available now.

For the less mechanically inclined, they sell a complete kit that requires no assembly. It’s also built around the TRP Hylex RS brakeset, and comes with all of the same shifting options for 9 to 9.

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